A hand up is not a handout

In her latest column appearing in the New York Times, AFT President Randi Weingarten urges lawmakers to strengthen the rungs on America's ladder of opportunity.

Thousands come together for National Day of Action

The National Day of Action to Reclaim the Promise of Public Education brought together thousands of educators, parents, students and community members who attended more than 100 events around the country, despite challenging weather conditions in many locations.

Early learning: This is not a test

In her latest column appearing in the New York Times, AFT President Randi Weingarten writes about the necessity of making early childhood education a priority in this country.

Know Your Rights: Planning Periods

During the 2013 legislative session, AFT-WV worked diligently to maintain the provision in SB359 to guarantee teachers a planning period of no less than 40 minutes each day.

Given all the demands on teachers in the current education climate, we support the need for meaningful, uninterrupted planning time. All teachers, especially elementary, undergo an incredible amount of pressure to deliver effective instruction while taking care of the emotional and social needs of our students. This instructional planning time is imperative to ensuring a quality education for  all students.

AFT-WV wears red to support CTU!

Much thanks to the AFT-WV members across the state who wore red on September 12, 2012 to support their union brothers and sisters of the Chicago Teachers Union. Check out the photos!

Unions collect big for Salvation Army

AFT-WV extends a big thanks to all members who volunteered to ring bells for the Salvation Army during the holiday season. The results are in...and they are great!

AFT-WV members rang bells at two locations and collected $1285.16. The total collected by all nine participating unions was $9731.00 Just another way the labor movement gives back to the community!