Increased AD &D benefits for members

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Effective Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2017 every active, working member of our union will have increased insurance coverage—at no cost to you!

The accidental death and dismemberment insurance policy has been increased from $25,000 to $36,250. As one of the valuable benefits of AFT membership, AFT and AFT-WV locals pay for this coverage for ALL eligible members of the AFT. Retired members are not eligible for this benefit.

Whether an accident resulting in a covered injury or loss of life happens at work or away, this AD&D insurance coverage pays you or your beneficiary a cash benefit within 90 days.

Your union stands with you in all aspects of your life. Whether an accident happens at work or somewhere else, this insurance provides members and their families with financial support during a stressful time. Members who spend their lives working to provide stability for their families should have extra protection if a work-related accident occurs. That’s why the policy provides extra benefits for workplace accidents—doubling if the injury or death occurs at the workplace.

If you have not completed a pink beneficiary card, or need to update your beneficiary, please visit   Print and mail completed cards to AFT-WV, 1615 Washington Street, East, Suite 300, Charleston, WV 25311.  An online beneficiary card is in development and will be posted in the coming weeks.