AFT-WV Kicks Off Campaign for the ‘Schools Our Students Need’

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Our members and the families we serve are crying out for help dealing with the effects of the devastating opioid crisis in our schools and communities.

The members of AFT-West Virginia commit ourselves to fighting for the resources we so desperately need, including:

• More funding for drug treatment and rehabilitation services in our communities.
• A full-time nurse, mental health counselor, and more support staff in every school.
• Smaller class sizes to foster more one-on-one instruction and provide the support that children dealing with trauma at home require.
• Competitive pay and benefits to attract the best and brightest to the profession and ensure that every classroom has a certified teacher.
As a union, we are dedicated both to mitigating the effects of the opioid crisis in our schools and supporting comprehensive efforts to address its root causes, so that every student can attend the public school they need and receive the education they deserve.

Watch for more information on our campaign in your local area, including pledge cards for education employees, parents and community members to show their support of our goals. 

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