Over 3500 union workers protest attacks on working families at the Capitol

AFT-WV members joined over 3500 union members from across the state to protest the WV legislative leadership’s attack on working families.

Chants of “Right to Work is Wrong” and “Fix and Fund PEIA” echoed throughout the Capitol halls before the Governor’s State of the State address on Wednesday night.


Fix & Fund PEIA: Sign the Petition NOW!

Last year, public employees and retirees saw nearly $42 million in PEIA benefit cuts for the 2015-16 plan year. While those cuts caused hardships on West Virginia's hard working families, the future is much worse.

Without immediate action by Senate President Bill Cole, House Speaker Tim Armstead, and members of the legislature, PEIA will be forced to make draconian cuts eliminating $120 million in active and retiree benefits. The West Virginia Legislature must stop the assault on West Virginia's working families.