Union Reacts to Manchin's Decision on DeVos

Statement from AFT-WV President Christine Campbell on Senator Joe Manchin’s decision to reject Betsy DeVos’ confirmation:

“Teachers and service personnel across West Virginia are grateful that Senator Manchin understands the educational needs of rural children and recognizes that Betsy DeVos does not. We thank Senator Manchin for listening to his constituents regarding their grave concerns about the direction DeVos would take America’s schools."

AFT Addresses PEIA Issue in Fayette

On or about January 6, 2017, PEIA began sending out letters to Fayette County employees regarding cancellation and suspension of PEIA coverage.  On January 13, 2017, AFT-WV was informed of this letter and contacted the Fayette County Board of Education.  Fayette County Board of Education told us to disregard the letter as the issue had been corrected and they distributed an email to school employees to do the same.  Unfortunately, PEIA had continued the process of disenrollment of school employees in Fayette County and many school employees’ PEIA coverage was suspended.  On January 17, 201