AFT-WV Staff

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Have a question or concern? Need advice on a work-related issue?

Your union representatives are ready to assist you! 

Use the color-coded map below to find your county and the AFT-WV staff representative assigned to your area. (Note: Some assignments have changed. Updated map coming soon.) 

Call 304-344-2679 to be connected with your staff representative. 

AFT-WV Staff 

Tega Toney- AFT-WV Vice-President & Organizing Director

Chris Barr-AFT-WV Staff Representative

Frank Caputo, AFT-WV Staff Representative

Rob Casto, Political Director

Robin Cutlip, AFT-WV Staff Representative

Randy Halsey, AFT-WV Staff Representative

Neil Heard- AFT-WV Staff Representative

Sean Miller- Information Technology/ Staff Representative

Ryan Michael- AFT-WV Staff Representative

Jessica Robinson- AFT-WV Staff Representative

Jason Rogers- Staff Representative

Brandon Tinney-Staff Representative

Kymberli Williams- Staff Representative

Jennifer Wood- Public Relations Specialist

Administrative Assistants
Jacki McClanahan

Kelly Sword