Help grow your union, make extra cash!

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Would you like to help grow your union and make a little extra money in the process? If so, then apply to be an AFT-WV Organizing Activist!

What is an Organizing Activist?

-A current AFT-WV member who will recruit new members to AFT-WV

-A person who understands the importance and value of unions in West Virginia and the pivotal role they play in the educational landscape of this state.

-Someone who believes in the core mission of AFT-WV.

Requirements of the Organizing Activist:

-Engage in dialogue with potential members with a goal of recruiting them to become AFT-WV members. This will include phone banking (lists will be provided), peer-to-peer texting, emailing, writing a postcard campaign, and engaging in one-on-one conversations. Potential member lists, postcards, and scripts will be provided.

-Participate in one of the scheduled onboarding zooms to receive training, directions, and next steps.

-Complete reporting forms for each day worked.

-Participate in weekly check-in calls with the Director of Organizing.


Organizing Activists will receive $20 per hour worked with various hours assigned each week. All work must be completed in the evenings and on weekends.

Interested in applying to be an organizing activist?

Click here to complete an application form.