HB 206 Overview

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House Bill 206 - Quick  Overview of Provisions

  • Charter Schools – Up to 3 public charter schools until July 1st, 2023.  After that an additional 3 public charter schools may be authorized every 3 years.  The sole authorizers are the County BOE’s.  This allowance for public charter schools will begin 2021-2022.
  • Wrap Around Services – student support services including counselors, nurses, psychologists, and other support personnel.  Over $30 million in additional support monies. 
  • Enrollment Funding – there will be an increase of 10% funding for counties below net enrollment of 1400 students.
  • Student Transfer – “Open Enrollment” for students to transfer to any county that chooses to accept them.  The county that currently has the transfer student no longer has a say in the transfer. 
  • Mountaineer Challenge Academy – opportunity & allowance for expansion; specifically a school in the former WVU Tech complex in Montgomery.
  • Faculty Senate – Increase allotment for teachers from $200 to $300
  • Math & Special Education Teachers – certified math teachers meeting a 60% teaching time in that specific area & special education teachers at 100% will receive an additional 3 steps in salary schedule.
  • Pay Raise – Starting the 2019-2020 school year teachers will receive $2120, and service personnel will receive $115/month
  • State Aid – will now be in the form of Block Grants.  This includes basic foundation and per pupil allowance.
  • Attendance – Allows for principals to be included in the list of employees who can contact parents or guardians to cover unexcluded absences.
  • Foundation Allowance – Increase from 70.25% up to 71.25% effective 2019-2020 school year.
  • LSIC – local school improvement councils may create alternatives for operation of the school.  Also allows for waivers of rules & policies upon request.
  • Student Promotion – teacher’s recommendation on student promotion shall be the primary factor in final determination.
  • Class Size – language clean-up, but no substantive changes or increases in ratio
  • Non-Uniformity – allows for differentiation in county BOE’s pay for specific areas of critical need.  Allows for extra pay for education level attainment & certification.
  • RIF-Seniority – shall be based on Seniority, certification, licensure, and performance evaluations.
  • Personal Leave – increases number of personal days from 3 to 4
  • Sick Leave Bonus – if a teacher misses 4 days or less they shall receive a bonus of $500
  • Job Postings – job postings can now be indefinite.  BOE’s can continue to post regardless of having qualified applicants
  • Counselors – changes requirement for 75% to 80% of time that must be spent with students
  • Scholarships – Underwood-Smith teaching scholarship for critical need areas.  Allows for up to $10,000 annually for up to 4 years.  There is a requirement to teach in that area for 5 consecutive years.  It contains both scholarship & repayment options.