Legislative Update: Day 59 (3-11-22)

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Daily Legislative Update- Day 59 of the 2022 WV Legislature

(Since tomorrow is the last day of the session, the final edition AFT-WV Legislative Update will go out early next week with the final statuses of bills.)

Today (so far):

  • Big victory today--- House rejects Committee Substitute for SB 230! This bill would have changed the grievance procedure and authorized the ALJ’s to impose $1000 penalty to the losing party if a grievance is found to be frivolous.
  • SB 261 passed House, will be communicated back to Senate as an amendment was made on the House side.   SB 261 updates previous legislation which requires video cameras in certain special education classrooms. The bill calls for more frequent viewing of the video footage in special education classrooms in order to detect abuse sooner or prevent it.


Still awaiting third reading (at press time):

SB 498   -This bill, deceptively named the Anti-Racism Act, is a last ditch effort to pass a reboot of HB 4011, the Anti-Stereotyping Act, which did not advance from committee. The bill, while slightly less egregious than the House version, still could potentially hamstring educators from teaching accurate, unbiased history. Additionally, the complaint process lacks due process protections for educators.

SB 268 – This bill creates an exemption from compulsory school attendance for a child who participates in a learning pod or micro school. An amendment attempting to require basic safety measures including crisis plans, adhering to fire code and requiring insurance coverage failed on the Senate side. It was successfully amended in committee on the Senate side to limit the number students in these schools to 100, but that cap was stripped away on the House side.  This opens the door to unlimited, unregulated micro schools with zero oversight to ensure students are provided a thorough education in a safe environment.


Earlier this week:

SB 531 (Governor’s pay raise bill) has passed both chambers.  The bill provides a 5% annual average pay increase for school employees. The bill now heads to the Governor for his signature.


Recent media on the chaos under the dome in the past 24 hours:

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By a hair, WV delegates continue advancing microschools of unlimited size