Update on HB 4043

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UPDATE (2-10-20): 

Thank you for your calls and emails on HB 4043! You  truly made a difference, as the bill was defeated on an 11-11 roll call vote this afternoon in the House Banking and Insurance Committee. But, we must remain vigilant... as the bill could be resurrected with a motion to reconsider at the next committee meeting. Please reach out to thank those delegates who voted “no” (all the Democrats plus Del. Barnhart) and ask them to NOT reconsider the bill in the future.





HB 4043 is on the agenda for today’s House Banking and Insurance Committee meeting at 1:00 PM. The bill would prevent state, county and municipal agencies from covering any portions of PEIA premiums for spouses. While it is rumored a Committee Substitute will be taken up in committee This bill will hurt teachers, service personnel and public employees. Email NOW and tell the committee to KILL the bill.


Copy and paste the addresses below and email the Banking and Insurance Committee NOW:


Please email before the committee meets at 1:00 PM today!