Disaster Assistance Available for Union Members

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Disaster Relief Grants for AFT-WV Members:

As part of the Union Plus assistance programs designed to assist union members, the Disaster Relief Grant is able to help those who are facing financial hardship due to a natural disaster. The money does not have to be repaid.


To be considered for a Union Plus Disaster Relief Grant, the union member must:

-Have a Union Plus Credit Card, Union Plus Mortgage, Union Plus Life or Accidental Death Insurance or Union Plus Auto Insurance policy for at least 12 months with the account or policy in good standing (be up-to-date on payments).
-Have experienced a significant income or property loss within the past 6 months, as a result of a FEMA declared natural disaster or emergency in counties or parishes designated by FEMA as qualifying for individual assistance.
-Have not received a disaster relief grant in the past, as these grants are once-per-lifetime.

To apply for Union Plus Disaster Relief Grants:

Union Plus Credit Cardholders should call 1-800-622-2580 to speak directly with a specially trained representative. Representatives in the United States handle all customer service calls to the Union Plus Credit Card Program.

Union Plus Mortgage and Union Plus Life, Accident and Auto Insurance holders should call 1-800-472-2005 to speak to a Union Plus staff member.

Other assistance for union cardholders included payment waivers, lower rates, emergency credit line increases, fee waivers and free credit counseling.

Additional assistance programs available

Disaster victims who participate in the Union Plus Auto Insurance and Mortgage programs may be eligible to receive payment extensions or other special help from the program providers. Assistance plans vary by program provider.

To find out more, disaster victims who participate in any of the following Union Plus programs should call these toll-free numbers:

Union Plus Credit Card - 1 -800-622-2580
Union Plus Mortgage - 1-800-848-6466
Union Plus Auto Insurance - 1-877-244-0304
Union Plus Insurance - 1-800-393-0864
Union Plus Credit Counseling - 1-877-833-1745
Union Plus Legal Service