Legislative Committee Recap - Feb. 11 &12

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Committee Action in Legislature: Feb. 11 & 12, 2021


Committee Substitute for HB 2001

  • Jumpstart Savings Act - Invest in career education & related expenses, or start a business. 
  • Similar to Smart 529 , Up to $25k tax free

Passed with amendment


Committee Substitute for HB 2012

  • Changes limitations on amount of Charter Schools from 3 to 10
  • Takes away revocation provisions
  • Creates new authorizer as “West Virginia Professional Charter School Board”
  • Bypasses local decision making by allowing appeal to new Charter Board
  • Creates Virtual Charter Schools

16-7 passed without amendment (Dems were no)


Committee Substitute for HB 2013

  • Hope Scholarship
  • 100% of state aid formula on base per student annually
  • Can accumulate yearly upon entry into Kindergarten up to the age of 21
  • Can be used for private schools & or related educational expenses by definition
  • Creates a new Board- “Hope Scholarship Board”
  • Shall be operational by July 2022
  • Approximately $4600/yr based on previous year state aid formula per pupil average
  • Must apply annually

Passed as amended w/ reference to House Finance Committee (on agenda for 2/13/21 meeting)



Committee Substitute for HB 2009

  • Relating to limitations on the use of wages and agency shop fees by employers and labor organizations for political activities
  • Attack on payroll deduction and unions
  • Forces annual reauthorization for deductions regardless of member’s wishes
  • Direct interference of government into private contract between employee & union
  • Attempt to silence workers’ collective voices by limiting the ability to invest in elections

Passed the Judiciary Committee; advances to the House floor.


Both the House and Senate will convene on Saturday, and Education Committee meetings are scheduled for both chambers.