Legislative Recap - Feb. 13 &15

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Legislative Recap: Feb. 13 & 15

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Saturday, February 13th

Senate Education Committee:

  • Comm Sub SB 14 - Senate Ed
    • Streamlines pathway for certification
    • New pathway is as follows:
    • C) Holds a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education; and
      (i) Submits to a criminal history check pursuant to §18A-3-10 of this code: Provided, That
      information discovered during the criminal history check may form the basis for the denial of a certificate for just cause; and
      (ii) Successfully completes pedagogical training or course in substantive alignment with nationally recognized pedagogical standards; or approved or established by the state board; and (iii) Successfully completes subject matter content training in substantial alignment with nationally recognized pedagogical standards in the area or areas in which the graduate seeks to be endorsed; or passes the same basic skills, subject matter, and competency test or tests
      required by the state board for traditional program applicants for licensure
    • Passed to Senate floor w/ committee’s recommendation for passage

House Education Committee:

  • House Joint Resolution 1- Supervision of Free Schools Modification Amendment
  • This would trigger a constitutional referendum and the question will be placed on the ballot.
  • Takes away ultimate rule making authority from the State Board & WVDE.
  • All rules & policy must be approved by the Legislature.  
  • Passed with reference to Judiciary Committee
  • House Education Originating Bill (no number assigned yet)
  • Makes it illegal for education or public employees to engage in a work stoppage or strike
  • Passed on roll call; moves to House floor
  • Takes away authority of County Superintendents & local control
  • HB 2013- Hope Scholarships (Education Savings Accounts)
  • Passes w/ amendment on who collects and retains funds
  • Advances to House floor.


Monday, February 15th

House Education Committee

  • HB Originating Bill (No bill number assigned yet)
  • Alternative Certification bill that mirrors Senate Bill 14


Floor Session Action:

  • HB 2012 (Charter School Expansion) was amended on the House floor; moves to third reading


Please call or email your legislators and tell them to stop the attacks on public education!

Click here for a list of Senators and contact information.

Click here for a list of House of Delegates members and their contact information.


Save the Date!

Mark your calendar for Thursday, February 18th  at 7 PM! AFT-WV will be having a Legislative Call to Action Meeting for members to get the latest information on the session and how you can help! AFT-WV President Fred Albert and AFT President Randi Weingarten will be on hand to discuss the challenges ahead and our fight for the high-quality public education our students deserve!


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