Members participate in union-sponsored professional development program

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Seven AFT members traveled to Linthicum, MD in July to participate in AFT’s Professional Development Educator Academy.  Tega McGuffin (Fayette County), Angie Turkelson (Putnam County), Andy Bird (Putnam County), Corinne Scurlock (WVSSPA), Kim Hamrick (Morgan County) and Angela Schwer (Fairmont State University) spent 10 days at the union-sponsored, research-based professional development program designed to address the complexities of teaching.

Offered in July, the program is designed to help local unions build the capacity to deliver high-quality professional development services to all educators--teachers, paraprofessionals and school-related personnel. Course offerings change from year to year, based on interest.

The AFT collaborates with leading education researchers to synthesize and apply research-validated best practices. Classroom-based activities help participants connect the research findings to their daily work, including: small group interaction, role-play, case studies, simulations, Socratic seminars and shared reflection.

This comprehensive and intense training prepares these master educators to return to their state as instructors in specific course areas. These individuals train other educators at the local or state level, including AFT-WV Summer School. All professional development instructors are union members and are regarded as highly effective practitioners.

“ER&D was easily the best professional development I have been involved in during my teaching career. The rigorous and intense instruction provided me with strategies that I can take to my classroom and implement with success. The research-driven curriculum provides methods that are proven to work. It was a meaningful, purposeful training and I'm honored to have had the opportunity to attend,” explained Tega McGuffin from Fayette County.