Welcome to AFT-Public Employees

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Recently, AFSCME (American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees) and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) partnered more closely than ever to ensure that members in both unions benefit from our collective strength. This union partnership has included coordination with political mobilization at each level of government, as well as adopting one union’s program that best supports the goals of a specific group of union members.

In that spirit of partnership, and after thoughtful discussion with each union’s leadership, the leaders of AFSCME believed that the best way forward for AFSCME members in West Virginia was to join with the AFT and work side-by-side with its membership. Toward this goal, the Executive Committee of Council 77 approved the transfer of jurisdiction from AFSCME to the American Federation of Teachers-West Virginia (AFT-WV).

The strength of membership in AFT-WV for public employees will provide quality representation for current members of both unions and provide an opportunity to grow our membership across the state.

While the AFT started as a union of teachers, today the international affiliate consists of five divisions representing government employees, nurses and health professionals, higher education faculty and staff, paraprofessionals and preK-12 teachers. AFT-WV currently serves thousands of school employees, including teachers and service personnel. AFT-WV leaders and members are excited for the opportunity to represent and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Council 77 members and look forward to growing in strength for the betterment of working people across West Virginia.

The transfer of membership will become effective January 1, 2017.

AFSCME members should complete an AFT-WV Public Employees membership application to ensure continued representation and protections, as well as to gain access to the many benefits available through AFT membership. Dues for the year are $415.