Legislative Recap - Feb. 13 &15

Legislative Recap: Feb. 13 & 15

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Senate Education Committee:

Legislative Committee Recap - Feb. 11 &12

Committee Action in Legislature: Feb. 11 & 12, 2021


Committee Substitute for HB 2001

  • Jumpstart Savings Act - Invest in career education & related expenses, or start a business. 
  • Similar to Smart 529 , Up to $25k tax free

Passed with amendment


Committee Substitute for HB 2012

Legal action filed today in Kanawha Circuit Court (1-20-21)

Today, AFT-WV filed a complaint in the Circuit Court of Kanawha County to protect the health and safety of students, teachers and the community in West Virginia.

Specifically, AFT-WV seeks a temporary restraining order and/or injunctive relief to enjoin in-person teaching in Kanawha County until all education employees have the opportunity to have the second vaccine which is scheduled to be provided in the first and second week of February.