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Free Insurance Coverage Available for AFT-WV Members

New members are eligible for $5,000 in free life insurance for one year. This is only availible to new members and must be activated by completing a form within your first 12 months of membership. After the first year this policy is very affordable. 

Keep in mind you can add to the policy and increase its value to more than $5,000. Additionally, all AFT-WV members have a $36,250 accidental death and dismemberment policy at no additional cost. This policy is valid as long as you are an AFT member in good standing in West Virginia and is paid for by your AFT-WV local. While we hope you never need these types of policies, it is nice to know that AFT has something to help you and your family during difficult situations.

IMPORTANT NOTE!   All members should have completed a beneficiary card for these benefits. If you have not completed one, contact AFT-WV  today at 1-800-222-9838.

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