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Professional Development

AFT-West Virginia understands the stress and challenges that come with the first few years of teaching.

We want to make sure your first years in the classroom are successful and provide the assistance new educators need to feel confident in the profession.

AFT-WV has two dedicated staff representatives to provide guidance to new educators. Download the brochure below to learn about the areas we can provide resources and the staff representatives available to help you succeed.

AFT-WV New Teacher Assistance Brochure


AFT's TEACH program was created by the American Federation of Teachers to bring K-12 teachers into direct contact with the growing body of scientifically validated research findings that can have significant impact on how well they do their jobs.

TEACH (formerly known as ER & D) is an organized approach for selecting, summarizing and highlighting the work of highly regarded educational researchers and disseminating key findings nationally through a unique series of collegial workshops conducted by a growing network of specially trained public school teachers. Participants explore practical