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2024 AFT-WV Special Convention: Official Call


February 24, 2024

To be conducted via Zoom

Registration deadline: February 15, 2024

            TO:  ALL AFT-WV MEMBERS


            Fraternal Greetings:


            In compliance with Article VI of the AFT-WV Constitution, the Executive Board officially issues this call for a Special Convention, scheduled to convene as follows:


            Dates:              February 24, 2024   (Saturday)

            Time:               10:00 AM


A Special Convention will be held virtually via Zoom. The purpose of the meeting will be to vote for consideration of the Values Statement for the West Virginia Merged Organization (WVMO).  (This name serves as a temporary placeholder for the yet-to-be-named merged organization). The adoption of the Values Statement will allow AFT and WVEA to continue developing the items needed to lead to an ultimate merger of the two organizations.

Delegates may debate the adoption of the statement, ask for information, and ask questions. The Values Statement may not be amended or altered. The document sent to registered delegates will be the document that is voted on.

The vote at the special convention is NOT a vote to merge the two organizations. It is simply a vote to allow the two organizations to continue to explore and develop the items necessary for a merger using the Values Statement as a guide for their work.

The decision to officially merge the two organizations will be brought back to the delegates at a Convention in the future.

Once again, the Special Convention is to allow the organizations to continue to explore and develop the founding documents for a merged organization. An official merger vote would be held no earlier than the spring of 2025 and would be voted on by delegates of each organization.

If you plan to attend this virtual meeting, please inquire with your local president or staff representative about being a delegate for your local.

Confirmed delegates may register and complete their credentials at this link:                                                                                                                                                                     

Fraternally submitted,

Executive Board

Fred Albert, President 


Click here to get a PDF version of the Special Convention Call.




Excerpts of Constitutional Provisions Relating to Conventions




SECTION 1: Conventions of the state federation will be on an annual basis.  A special convention may be called by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the executive board, or by a petition of a majority of the affiliates.


SECTION 2: Every affiliate shall be allowed one (1) delegate to the annual convention for every 25 dues-paying members or portion thereof.


SECTION 3: For the purpose of this article, membership shall mean the average number on which per capita has been paid for the first six (6) months of the eight (8) month period immediately preceding the month in which the convention meets, provided:


A. That no affiliate in bad standing (as defined in Article IV, Section 2) at the time of the convention shall be entitled to representation.


B. That, in the case of affiliates which have been established during the eight (8) months preceding the convention, the average shall be computed on the basis of the number of months of affiliation, the minimum for such computation to be two (2).


C. The treasurer of the state federation shall notify each affiliate of the roll call strength of that affiliate for convention vote purposes.  Prior to the casting of any roll call vote, the treasurer shall post a notice reflecting the roll call vote entitlement of each affiliate in attendance at the convention.


D.  For the purpose of determining the delegate strength of an affiliate at a state convention, all members are to be counted in proportion to the amount of state per capita paid.  Such payment shall be made to the state office no later than 15 days prior to the convention.


E.  Every affiliate within Local #8046 is entitled to elect its convention delegates from among its ranks.  These delegates are thereby eligible to cast votes during any state convention for that affiliate.  Members not attached to an affiliate may cast their own votes in the election of officers.  These members may caucus and elect a delegate from among their ranks.  Any delegates elected under the provisions of this paragraph shall follow the stipulations as outlined in Section 2 of this Article.


SECTION 4: Delegates to the convention must display proper credentials in order to be seated at the convention.  The appropriate number of credentials will be sent to each affiliate by the state treasurer at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of the convention.


SECTION 5: Delegates to the AFT-West Virginia convention shall be elected in accordance with Article VIII, Section 1A, of the American Federation of Teachers.*


*Delegates and/or alternates to the convention shall be elected by secret ballot.  Members of each local must be given suitable opportunity to nominate candidates for the office of delegate and alternate.  Notice of the right to make nominations must be sent to each member or given prominent place in the local publication and on bulletin boards.  Notice of the right to make nominations and notice of the election may be combined in one (1) notice.  Written notice announcing the time and place of the election of delegates must be mailed to each member at least fifteen (15) days prior to the election.  The results of the election must be published and the ballots kept for one (1) year.



Section 1:  Voting on issues may be by voice, division of the house, or by a roll call.

A)  A motion calling for a roll call vote shall require a one-fourth (1/4) vote for adoption.

B)  On all roll calls at the convention, each local represented shall be entitled to a number of votes equal to the average membership as defined in Article VI, Section 3, of this constitution.  The votes of a local shall be distributed as evenly as possible among the delegates present at the time of the voting, but votes shall not be fractionated.  All additional votes shall be assigned by lot or by an objective formula which has been previously reported to the treasurer of AFT-West Virginia, with no delegate getting more than one of the additional votes.



Section 1:  This constitution can be amended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the delegates present and voting at a state convention provided one of the following conditions is met:  a) an amendment can only be submitted by an affiliate after gaining approval of its general membership vote according to the affiliate’s constitution;  b) the Executive Board may submit amendments after gaining approval of a majority of the board.


Section 2:  A proposed amendment must be submitted in writing to the secretary so as to be postmarked at least thirty (30) days prior to the convention date.




Section 3:  Credentials Committee - A) The Credentials Committee shall consist of three (3) members: the treasurer, who shall chair the committee, and two (2) members who shall be recommended by the president and approved by the executive board in a meeting prior to the convention.  B) The primary duties of the Credentials Committee shall be the registration of delegates and the determination of delegate voting strength represented at the AFT-WV Convention.


These by-laws may be amended by a majority vote at any convention provided notice of the contemplated change has been submitted to the secretary at least thirty (30) days prior to the convention.




Affiliates of the AFT-WV shall pay per capita which is due on the fifteenth (15th) day of each month for the previous month.  An affiliate will be considered in bad standing on the sixtieth (60th) day of nonpayment of per capita.  Locals in bad standing are not entitled to delegate representation at the Special Convention.

A local in good standing is defined as being less than sixty (60) days in arrears in dues payment.  For the purposes of the 2024 Special Convention, locals must have per capita paid through November 2023.  SUCH PAYMENT SHALL BE MADE TO THE STATE OFFICE NO LATER THAN 15 DAYS PRIOR TO THE CONVENTION (February 9, 2024).


Each local must conduct an election to determine its delegates.  These delegates and/or alternates shall be elected by secret ballot.  Every affiliate shall be allowed one (1) delegate to the convention for every 25 dues-paying members or portion thereof.  The number of delegates allowed shall be determined by the average number of members on which per capita has been paid for the first six (6) months of the eight (8) month period immediately preceding the month in which the convention meets.  (i.e. the average number of members from February through July).


The appropriate number of credentials will be sent to each affiliate by the state treasurer. 

Federation officers, by virtue of their office, may be delegates to the AFT-WV Convention with the ability to cast only one vote.  If an officer is a delegate of an affiliate, he/she may not also serve as a delegate by virtue of state office.

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