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2024 Primary Election Endorsements

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Description automatically generatedAFT-WV Primary Election Endorsements

The AFT-WV Committee on Political Education has made the recommendations below for the 2024 primary election. Please note that there are no endorsed candidates for many districts or races. Also, some races or districts have an endorsed candidate, in addition to a candidate that the committee also voted to oppose based on their voting record.

Please remember that photo ID is required for 1st-time voters by WV law and cell phones are not permitted in the polling area, so be sure to take your endorsement list with you to vote for candidates who will support public education.

-WV Governor's race: Endorsed Steve Williams (D) ;  No Action for all Republican candidates except Patrick Morrisey, where a No Endorsement motion was approved.

-Secretary of State: Endorsed Doug Skaff, Jr. (R)

-Auditor, State Treasurer, Commissioner of Agriculture: No Action for all candidates.

-Attorney General: Endorsed Teresa Toriseva (D); No Action on John J.B. McCuskey (R);  No Endorsement on Mike Stuart (R)

District                    Endorsed Candidate                                                              Other Action                     

Senate 3                   No endorsement                                                                            OPPOSE Donna Boley-R                                                            

Senate 5                   Rick Griffith -D                                         

Senate 5                   Josh Mathis -R                                            

Senate 6                   Randy Fowler -D                                                                           OPPOSE Eric Porterfield-R                                                                                   

Senate 9                   Christy Cardwell  -D                                                                  

Senate 11                Mandy Smith -D                                                         

Senate 11                Robbie Morris -R                                                                            OPPOSE Robert Karnes-R                                       

Senate 13                Joey Garcia -D                                                                                                

Senate 15                Anthony Murray -D                                                                     

Senate 15                 No endorsement                                                                            OPPOSE Michael Folk -R

Senate 16                 No endorsement                                                                            OPPOSE Patricia Rucker -R

Senate 17                 No endorsement                                                                            OPPOSE Chris Pritt -R                                                                                   

House 2                   Michele Slates -R                                    

House 3                   David Cantrell  -D                                                     

House 4                   Johnny Hott  -D                                        

House 4                   Bill Flanagin -R                       

House 5                   Shawn Fluharty -D                                                                      

House 6                   Jeff Stephens -R  

House 6                   Cody Cumpston -D               

House 7                   Devon Tennant -D                                                     

House 7                   Charles Sheedy -R                                                                                        

House 15                 Julianna Penfold  -D                                                 

House 15                 Erica Moore  -R                                                                                                                                   

House 19                 Debbie Deweese  -R                                                                   OPPOSE Kathie Crouse  -R  

House 20                 Jacob Losh  -R                                                                                                

House 22                 Aaron Holley -R                                        

House 23                 Evan Worrell -R                                        

House 24                 Billy Wray -D                           

House 25                 Sean Hornbuckle  -D                                               

House 26                 Mathew Rohrbach  -R                                              

House 27                 Gina Milum  -D                                                           

House 28                 Samantha Stephens  -R                                                            

House 29                 Wayne Bug Williams  -D                                                                                               

House 32                 April Estep  -D                                                            

House 33                 Jordan Bridges  -R                                   

House 34                 Mark Dean  -R                                           

House 35                 Adam Vance  -R                                        

House 36                 Tiffany Clemins    -D            

House 37                 Polla McClellan  -D                                                                                      

House 43                 Chris Toney  -R                                                                             

House 44                 Carl Bill Roop  -R

House 46                 Jeff Campbell  -R                                                       

House 47                 Roger Vannoy  -D                                                       

House 47                 Ray Canterbury -R                                                                                                                            

House 48                 Devin Spinks -D

House 50                 David Elliot Pritt  -R                                                                                                        

House 52                 Greg Ingram  -R                                                                            

House 54                 Mike Pushkin  -D  

House 56                 Kayla Young  -D    

House 57                 Hollis Lewis  -D                                        

House 58                 Walter Hall  -R                                          

House 59                 Andy Shamblin  -R

House 60                 Dana Ferrell  -R

House 61                  No endorsement                                                                            OPPOSE Dean Jefferies-R                                                          

House 65                 Mathew Kerner  -D                                                    

House 67                 Cody Thompson  -D

House 70                 Morgan A. Earp  -D                                                    

House 73                 Bryan Smith  -R                                        

House 74                 Frankie Delapas  -R                                                  

House 75                 Stephanie Tomana -D                                                                

House 78                 Diane Market Gaston -D                                         

House 79                 Evan Hansen -D

House 80                 John Willimas -D

House 81                 Anitra Hamilton  -D

House 84                 Justin Hough -R    

House 88                 Amanda Vincent  -D                                                                                                                                           

House 90                 George Miller -R                                                                           

House 95                 Debi Carroll  -D                                                                                              

House 97                 Lucia Valentine -D                                                    

House 98                 Troy N Miller  -D                                       

House 99                 Mike Allers Jr. -R                                      

House 100              Maria Russo  -D                      


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