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Senate Education chair wants lawmakers to address student discipline during 2024 session

"Senator Grady is right on the mark with this issue. Student discipline is one of the biggest issues facing our schools. Continual behavioral disruptions, and in some cases physical assault against school staff, are certainly contributing to the shortage of teachers and school service personnel. It’s pushing our educators to the breaking point and it affects every student in the classroom.

Teachers and school staff can best serve students when they are able to perform their jobs without interruption or distraction. Whether they occur in the classroom or on the school bus, disciplinary problems make it difficult for educators to deliver quality instruction and services that allow all children to learn and succeed.

This issue has been the focus of AFT-WV’s fall campaign to address continual behavioral disruptions and keep our schools safe and orderly, and our union will be reaching out to Senator Grady and ready to assist her in any way we can regarding this issue."-- AFT-WV President Fred Albert

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