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Why Should I Join AFT-WV?

In West Virginia, school employees do not have collective bargaining rights.  Your rights can change or be completely eliminated during a legislative session.  AFT-WV monitors policies and lobbies at the legislature on behalf of all school employees.  The number of members we have and member activism is what gives us strength, and the strength of our union is what gives us the power to protect your rights, and advocate for the profession and public education. 


These are a few of the things controlled by state law and/or state board policy:

  • PEIA
  • hiring procedure and criteria
  • job posting requirements
  • salary
  • seniority
  • evaluations
  • Safe Schools Act
  • certification requirements
  • class size limits
  • transfer
  • dismissal for lack of need (RIF)
  • recall rights
  • retirement
  • duty-free lunch
  • duty-free planning
  • school calendar
  • lesson plans
  • eight-hour work day
  • curriculum
  • grievance procedure
  • Workers’ Comp

Consider joining AFT-West Virginina today!

Click the "Membership" tab at the top of the webpage to join online!

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