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WV BOE Policy 2510 on Public Comment

UPDATE: Due to comments from educators and the public, the state superintendent has indicated that he will recommend keeping the graduation credits the same. However, comments are still needed regarding the proposed change in the definition of a lesson plan. 


At its December meeting, the WV Board of Education voted to put revisions to Policy 2510 on public comment. The Board has proposed changing the graduation requirements for social studies credits. The policy would change the number of social studies credits required for graduation from 4 to 3 and allow students to instead take other courses related to their career paths.

While the proposed changes seek to give additional flexibility to students, we want to make sure the proposed changes do not have any unintended, adverse effects on the quality and rigor of educational opportunities available to students.

Additionally, the policy seeks to change the definition of  lesson plans and would require additional information be placed in the lesson plans. AFT-WV believes the definition of lesson plans should be the following:  Lesson Plan- serves as a daily guide for teachers and substitutes for the orderly presentation of the curriculum in accordance with WV Code 18A-2-12.  Format and contents of the daily lesson plans are developed and written  by the teacher.  AFT-WV recommends teachers comment on this proposed definition change. 

To read the proposed policy, click this link:

AFT-WV is asking educators to review the changes and comment on the proposed policy. We believe it is particularly important for social studies and history teachers, who are the true experts on this topic, to read and comment on this proposal.

Comments will be accepted until January 24, 2020.

To comment on the proposed policy, click this link:

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