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WVDE Feeding Program Update: 3-26-20

New info from WVDE on feeding programs:
As per the message below from Michelle Blatt, Asst. Superintendent of WV Schools, counties will be transitioning their feeding programs for children to multi-day food packs. The WVDE is asking that any school employee (who is healthy and not in an at-risk health or age demographic) interested in volunteering, please contact their county board office or principal/supervisor.
"As our counties transition over the next couple weeks to multi-day meal packs, this greatly reduces the number of staff and volunteers needed to provide food for our students. The WVDE is also recommending a reduction of pick-up and/or delivery sites to the most-risk areas. Most counties will only need staff one day to assist with pick-up/delivery of boxed meals. If all professional and service personnel, that are not at high-risk, will reach out to their county office or principal to support our students in providing meals then we can drastically decrease the number of days each individual is needed on-site." - Michelle Blatt


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