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Parent Resources


Parents are a critical factor in their children's education. By working together to reinforce high standards of student conduct and achievement, parents and school staff can create a learning environment that promotes success. The information and tips below can help parents strengthen their connection to their children's education. 

What can you do at home to instill a love for learning? And how can you help your children with homework? For answers to these and other questions, go to the Parents page of our national affiliate, the American Federation of Teachers:

Are you the parent or guardian of a student with a learning disability? If so, you should know about Bookshare — the world's largest digital library for persons with dyslexia or other learning disabilities. Students with qualifying disabilities get FREE access to over 43,000 digital books, textbooks and materials.  Learn more at:

Is your child the victim of bullying? This is a problem in every school district. But there are things parents can do to address bullying in their school or school system. Find out more at:

Are there simple, low-cost ways that children can keep on learning in the summer? The answer is YES. This link provides tips for parents on summer activities that your child will both enjoy and learn from:

Is your child getting ready for college? Check out this website of accredited instiutions with all program information. Easy and searchable!

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