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Settlement Proposal Update -Feb 28th

Settlement Proposal Update

Negotiations are never easy and it's rare to get everything we want, but tremendous strides were made from where we started on the night of the State of the State.  If there is a breakdown in this package being passed by the senate and the house, then we reserve the right to return to the picket line.


Despite our best efforts to negotiate in good faith with leadership in the House and Senate and the Governor’s office, we have not been able to make the progress needed to avoid further action.

AFT-WV response to Governor's Press Conference on PEIA

The leader of AFT-West Virginia, representing teachers, service personnel and state employees, responded to statements made by Governor Jim Justice at a press conference on Thursday.

The Governor provided no new information during his press conference, only reiterated his call to freeze changes to PEIA. The discussion has been ongoing, but we’ve yet to see the details or a long-term plan.


Visit the Events page on this website for scheduled activities including informational pickets, walk-ins, rallies and more. 

Resources for Rallies, Walk-ins, Etc.

Explaining our issues to the public and gaining their support is critical. When our neighbors and community members understand and support our issues, we stand a better chance of making progress with legislators on possible solutions.