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Charter School Policy on 60-day Public Comment

Charter School Policy on 60-day public comment

As required by law, the West Virginia Board of Education has promulgated rules for the implementation of the charter school provisions of the omnibus education bill passed in June. The proposed policy is out on a 60-day public comment, rather than a 30-day comment period thanks to a motion by WV BOE member Debra Sullivan.

Update on SB 451 from AFT-WV President Fred Albert (2-14-19)

Update on SB 451, what happens next in the process, and our next steps (2-14-19)
SB 451 passed the House today overwhelmingly in a 71-29 vote. The version that the House amended and passed is drastically different from the version passed by the Senate.  Before we go any further, let me assure you that I am mindful of the direction given to us by the county leadership of the three organizations in terms of what would trigger a strike.  That option to strike continue to be on the table. 

A message from AFT-WV President Fred Albert

Dear Member,

Spring is a very busy time for educators, and I know everyone is also feeling anxious about the upcoming special legislative session.  I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you what we know, what it is still uncertain and some of the strategic activities and actions that will be taking place in the coming weeks.


Senate Session Update:

On Monday, the West Virginia Senate passed another omnibus education bill that would, among many other things, legalize charter schools, prohibit county superintendents from closing schools in anticipation of strikes and implement punitive measures toward striking teachers and service personnel.

The measure passed on a 18-15 vote, with all Democrats present voting no, and Sens. Bill Hamilton, R-Upshur, and Kenny Mann, R-Monroe, also voting no. Sen. Robert Plymale, D-Wayne, was absent.

Omnibus 2.0 Update

On Monday, the Senate passed SB 1039, titled the “Student Success Act” but more commonly known as Omnibus 2.0. The omnibus bill, similar to its predecessor SB 451 that was defeated earlier this year, contains a wide variety of helpful and harmful provisions for public schools.

Major provisions of Omnibus 2.0 include: