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URGENT! All AFT-WV members are encouraged to complete the survey linked below. Please respond before 11:59 PM Wednesday, January 6.

Thank you! 

January 4, 2021 Survey on In-Person Learning


As part of AFT-WV's ongoing efforts to protect the health and safety of staff and students, President Fred Albert sent this letter, outlining the measures needed for safe in-person learning, to Governor Justice, Superintendent Burch and all 55 county school superintendents. 

The WV BOE meets today ( 1-13-21) at 11 AM and will discuss the return to in-person instruction. AFT-WV President Fred Albert planned to speak before the Board to present the results of our member survey, outline the union's concerns and share letters and emails detailing the concerns of our members. Unfortunately, the WV BOE is not allowing delegations to speak due to meeting virtually; delegations were asked to email their remarks if they had intended to speak. To view the results of the member survey and recommendations sent to the BOE, click here.
Many county BOEs have already voted to use

After a meeting this morning with our attorney, AFT-WV intends to file injunctive action against the WV Board of Education, the West Virginia Department of Education and several county boards of education in order to protect the health and safety of school employees.

The union applauds the Berkeley County Board of Education for their bold leadership and encourages other boards to follow suit and exercise their legal right to make decisions for their counties.

Additionally, AFT-WV will file an amicus brief in support of any county board of education that continues to assert their legal right to

At the request of our legal counsel, AFT-WV is asking school employees who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 to complete the form linked below.
This information may assist AFT-WV in our ongoing health and safety advocacy efforts.
Please feel free to share with any colleagues who fit this criteria.


AFT-WV responded to the decision rendered today by Judge Carrie Webster in Kanawha County Circuit Court regarding the union’s efforts to protect the health and safety of school employees until they could have been fully vaccinated:

“Obviously, we are disappointed by the judge’s decision to deny the temporary restraining order; we were hoping to secure time for our members to become fully vaccinated and protected during in-person instruction. However, we are respectful of the process and the opportunity to have the concerns of our members heard before the court.  AFT-WV still believes these

NamePartyLeadership RoleDistrictEmailPhone 
Mike AzingerRepublican 357-7970 
Stephen BaldwinDemocratMinority 357-7959 
Robert D. BeachDemocrat 357-7919 
Craig BlairRepublicanSenate 357-7801 
Donna J. BoleyRepublicanPresident Pro 357-7905 
Mike CaputoDemocrat 357-7961 
Charles H. ClementsRepublican 357-7827 
Amy GradyRepublicanVice - Chair Health4a
NamePartyLeadship StatusDistrictEmailPhone 
William AndersonRepublican 340-3168 
Jim BarachDemocrat 340-3138 
Trenton BarnhartRepublican 340-3195 
Jason BarrettRepublican 340-3188 
Mick BatesDemocrat 340-3180 
Brent BoggsDemocrat 340-3142 
Jordan BridgesRepublican 340-3297 
Nathan BrownDemocrat 340-3126 
Barry BruceRepublican 42barry.bruce

Today, AFT-WV filed a complaint in the Circuit Court of Kanawha County to protect the health and safety of students, teachers and the community in West Virginia.

Specifically, AFT-WV seeks a temporary restraining order and/or injunctive relief to enjoin in-person teaching in Kanawha County until all education employees have the opportunity to have the second vaccine which is scheduled to be provided in the first and second week of February.  

AFT-WV also seeks to protect and affirm the important role of local boards of education in protecting the health and safety of the community and their


Congratulations to AFT-Randolph County, one of the winners of an AFT Innovation Fund COVID-19 Response Grant!

AFT-Randolph was one of 13 grantees selected for the national AFT grants. 

Click here to read the full press release.